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Risk Tolerance

August 10, 2022

During times of great market fluctuation it can be difficult to open your quarterly statement. Raise your hand if your June 30th statement hurt a little! We know, us too!

It's important to remember though you are simply looking at a small snapshot in time. Take a deep breath, give us a call.

Also, keep these two things in mind:


When you established your investment strategy your allocation (the way you are invested) combines three important factors:

1. Your goals or purpose for the funds

2. The amount of time until you need to utilize those funds

3. Your Risk Tolerance or as we sometimes refer to it, you risk appetite.  Essentially, how much risk is appropriate for you in combination with how much risk are you comfortable with.

These three factors take into consideration the ability to experience risk and factor in for you a level of down market. They also factor in a level of up market, it's just way easier to discuss all of this when markets are keeping us happy!

´╗┐But, we realize changes can happen along the way - The number one question we will ask you is - has anything changed? We realize that life can be crazy and your first call to report a major life event might not actually be to us (but why not!). So, first we want to know, since we last met has anything changed that may lead us down a different path. Perhaps a child is getting married and we need to redirect funds for a wedding, or you're taking that trip you always wanted to, or health circumstances have created a new funding need.

This question will guide our discussion so we can reset and re evaluate. 

Keep in mind we're always here to discuss this with you. We realize this is our passion, and that not everyone spends their spare time reading financial news. So, if you want to just chat about how you're feeling about the overall markets and your portfolio please call. You can call us at 716-565-1965 or 585-637-5981 or make an appointment by heading here to our online calendar and clicking "Let's Chat."