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Myth: I need to be wealthy to work with an Advisor

March 24, 2023

A lot of times we hear myths about what it takes to work with a Financial Advisor.

While some firms do have minimums or credentials you need to even get in the door for example – you are required to be referred in or have $500,000 to invest, this is NOT true everywhere. 

We want to assure you that it's a BIG MYTH 🔮 that you need to have a large sum of money to work with a financial planner.

In fact, at JWM, we do not have a minimum.  

As a Certified Financial Planner™ I can assure you that some of the people I’ve helped started with next to nothing. The point is you don’t need millions of dollars to work with a money manager.

👉You do need the right attitude.

👉You do need the right work ethic or be in a place where you can set consistent goals for yourself so you can work towards your future goals.

👉You do need to be ready to focus!

So if you think that you need a large sum of money to work with an advisor, I want to assure you that is a big myth and you are in the right place. 

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